The Nestlings

Because we are awesome and because we never installed any kind of protective screen to prevent such an occurrence, some birds decided to build a nest in the vent above our stove. And now these enterprising birds are raising a little brood inside the walls of our house, one that emits a wheezy chirping chorus whenever we’re in the kitchen.

It’s kind of cheerful, in its way. I’m growing inexplicably fond of the unseen fledglings, probably because I’ve come to associate them with things like pancakes.

In case you’re curious, this is what Picasa decided was the important part of the photograph:


And here is the actual photograph:

"lazy birdhouse"

Meanwhile, the cats are very, very interested — in fact, I have to keep chasing them off the top of the stove, where they’d otherwise just sit and stare with those keen, predatory expressions they sometimes get.

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