Lately, I’ve been hit hard by insomnia — something I should no doubt be worried about — and so, My Fella decided that perhaps a lullaby would help send me off to dreamland. And he began to sing thusly:

Go to sleep, little Gilly Bean, and have Benedict Cumberbatch dreams…

As a lullaby, it was maybe not terribly effective because I immediately started howling with laughter. I mean, Benedict Cumberbatch? WTF? But as a song and as a gesture of affection, it was AMAZE.

Anyway, I think perhaps you ought to have the lyrics in full, because (if you’re anything like me*), you will laugh until it physically hurts to do so:

Go to sleep, little Gilly Bean,
And have Benedict Cumberbatch dreams.
He has a funny round nose,
And really high sharp cheek bones.
Go to sleep, little Gilly Bean,
And have Benedict Cumberbatch dreams.

He has icy blue almond shaped eyes,
And wavy hair that goes to the side,


He has plump little lips,
And very white and straight teeth (for an Englishman).

Go to sleep, little Gilly Bean
And have Benedict Cumberbatch dreams.

Did it work, you ask? Did I, in fact, have Benedict Cumberbatch dreams? Thankfully, I did not. I actually think those might qualify as nightmares — I mean, I’m sure he’s a lovely person and all, but the thing is: I don’t know him. I’ve seen Sherlock and recognized him as “Oh, that guy,” which suggests that I’ve seen him in other things as well? But in a “don’t think, just say the first thing that pops into your mind”-style word association test, I come up with “pointy” followed by “shark eyes,” so that’s all I really have to go on.

In fact, this morning, I consulted Wikipedia, just to verify the lyrics — turns out, they’re more or less accurate.

Anyway, if you have insomnia, I am not going to lend you My Fella. However, I can recommend some interesting media to pass the time while you’re not sleeping:

First (Netflix customers, I’m talking to you, here) there’s Stingray Sam, which pretty much sells itself:

Lullaby Song / Stingray Sam from Cory McAbee on Vimeo.

And, for the gamers among you, play To the Moon! I LOVED this one, and you will too — especially if you’re the kind of gamer who a.) manages to accidentally shoot yourself within the first 15 seconds of a FPS, b.) profoundly misses the mid-90s glory days of point-and-click adventure games, c.) wants a gaming experience that packs in a lot of good characterization, plot, and gameplay while unfolding within a reasonable time frame**, and d.) want to be moved to tears — of sorrow AND of laughter, often overlapping. Nice soundtrack, too. Nice everything, really. Well done, Freebird.***

So all that should keep you occupied.

*And you are reading this, so you might well be.
**i.e. it won’t devour your life.
***OMG, also the part with the space shuttle. Don’t worry, you’ll know it when you get there, it is HILARIOUS.
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