But You Don’t Have to Take My Word For It

"take a look, it's in a book"

Butterfly in the sky…

I had the pleasure of meeting Richard P. Weiner* several years ago, and since then we have become admirers of each other’s work — which has led to many enlightening and entertaining discussions on matters both literary and, um, not-so-literary.

And so, I am pleased to implore you to…



1.) You will laugh until you cry — or at least, you will if you share my (admittedly juvenile) sense of humor. I suspect that it would also benefit individuals who are burned out and punch-drunk from parenting, which is basically anyone who has a kid of any age.

2.) If you have a Kindle, IT IS FREE (at least it is RIGHT NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???). You can also purchase the paperback for about 5-8 USD, thanks to Amazon’s weird variable pricing algorithm.**

3.) Look, if Richard P. Weiner were a celebrity, you would already own this. You know you would. So why not, for once, support a non-celebrity children’s picture book author AND, as a bonus, get a book that’s actually fun to read…instead of some sanctimonious ghostwritten $#!+ about why sharing is important or how it’s not nice to be a bully or guess what all kids are perfect just the way they are, even if they don’t conform to societal norms.

I loved Mr. Nuts and Mr. Balls, and I highly recommend it. However, as I’ve already said, you don’t have to take my word for it.

*not the author’s real name, but I’m hoping that you guessed that already.
**I plan to do this, too, but first we’ve got a washing machine to fix — and a quick browse of the website informs me that the cost of the required part is exactly the cost of the printed book. Anyway, while you are reading this book to your child (WHICH YOU SHOULD, says this mother of no one ever, the older sister of many, and even the backup legal guardian of a couple), I will be busy committing crimes against fashion by a.) substituting a swimsuit for underwear and b.) sifting through the closet until I find that skirt that ought to be burned, while My Fella installs a new “Whirlpool motor coupling # 285753a”
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