“In a Way, All of Us Have an El Guapo to Face.”

My personal El Guapo changes with some frequency, but right now — at this very moment — it might just be

getting poison ivy IN MY EYEBALL.

(Well, it least it’s not the good eye. Yet.)

Or maybe it’s getting stung in the head by a bee, something that is probably going to happen at least once every single day until we finish moving the hive to its new location.

Which I guess is ok, because at least it’s a change. Usually, it’s my hair, as you can see:


No filters have been applied, no digital editing has occurred; this is the exact hue, texture, and wave pattern that I must deal with on a daily basis.

However, I’ve found a (temporary) solution to this — again, as you can see:

"newspaper hat"

A feather in my cap!

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