Two Hundred.

How am I doing? Well, I’ve got $12 in my checking account and, thanks to the Boxhound’s chewing marathons, I’m down to my last bra (currently held together, in bad@$$ fashion, with a giant safety pin). So you tell me.

Still, 200 posts. That’s some kind of achievement.

Some kind.

What else? My birthday is on…Sunday (?), although there’s no money or time to celebrate, so I don’t think it’s going to be a thing this year.

Other than that, the usual.

I wish these —

"green tomato"

…on the vine.

"peas in pods"

“Oralia” is how auto-correct interprets “peapod”

— would ripen a bit faster, but that might just be because I wasn’t able to pack a lunch today.

And my thoughts are wandering off and falling into ditches. I am entirely ready for the weekend to begin.

[UPDATE: There is a real, honest-to-god sinkhole in the middle of our street! I can think of no better metaphor for my existence. Life imitates life!]

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