Still, Life

Some bloggers, when they know they’ll be away from their computers for more than a day (or, like, an hour), will post a “Really, I’m not dead” update.

I don’t tend to do that, because a.) who cares? and b.) many of my peers already believe I am dead, or incarcerated, or “living abroad” in some ill-defined context. And while I don’t actively encourage any of these rumors, I’ll admit that I do precious little to correct people’s mistaken impressions.*

However, I’ll do a quick update: my brother’s in town, and so far it’s been a blast: we went to The Original Q Shack** for dinner, then watched John Dies at the End on Netflix, and then — since My Fella and I always, ALWAYS have work in the morning — we went to bed and gave Baby Brother the run of the house. He’s got spare keys, our wireless password, a fridge with some beer in it, and clowder of cats plus a rowdy Boxhound to keep him company.

I think he’s set ’till we get home. And tomorrow, I have a day off, so fun times will be had.

*I do, however, laugh a lot when close friends report back to me what they’ve heard. So far, my all-time favorite is: “Didn’t she, like, become a sheep-farmer in Wales or something?” “No, she joined a cult — there just happen to be a lot of sheep nearby. Or maybe it was goats? Yeah, actually, I think it was a commune and they worship goats…or something.”
**I’m pretty sure there’s just the one, so by necessity it has to be the original. But whatever, good food.

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