My Baby Sister Defeated the Swordmaster…

…and all she got was a lousy trophy with her name misspelled on it.

However, it’s not all bad, because a.) her foil skills pay the bills* and b.) she joins a long list of Speaces who have had their names spelled wrong on things, important things, often though not exclusively official documents — photo IDs, diplomas, cashier’s checks, deeds, etc.

So, everyone congratulate “Gaby” (or sometimes, “Gabriel”) on her achievement.

She now joins the exalted ranks of the Tragically Misspelled, which includes such notables as “Gilliam,” “Julian,” “Gargdon,” “Garrett Lisa,” “Grimm,” “Marlin,” and “Busby**” Spence(r)/Speare/Sperse/Spiesz/Pease!



*or, at the very least, she can force someone else to pay her bills at swordpoint

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