Don’t Know Why There’s No Sun Up in the Sky

"ambulance chaser"

Three other pieces of animal-related news*:

1.) Somewhere outside there is a bird chirping the opening bars of that song from the cantina in Star Wars. Over and over and over again. I’m simultaneously impressed and annoyed, kind of like when My Fella reveals his comprehensive knowledge of lyrics to songs that…hmmm, how do I put this diplomatically? How about: would not have made the cut for the Voyager probes?

2.) Recently, while crossing the footbridge on the walking path that leads to my office, I saw a guy trying to catch a skink and stuff it in the breast pocket of his shirt (?!). The skink, predictably, was not cooperating. When the man saw me — or rather, heard me laughing and looked up in surprise — he explained, “It’s a present.” Which raises more questions than it answers.

3.) There was a squirrel sitting in the tree outside the window near my desk, looking at me intently and twitching its tail furiously. With the confidence of one who knows she’s protected by a barrier of laminated glass, I jokingly waved at the squirrel — at which point it jumped down from its low-hanging branch, bounded across the ground, hurled itself against the window, tried to claw its way in through the glass. I don’t know what sentiment I inadvertently communicated to this creature, but it seems to have been the rodent equivalent of either, “Hey, baby! Check out MY acorns,” or else some kind of “Yo’ Mama”-based insult. That, or it’s so amped up on grass fertilizer — a.k.a. bath salts for vermin — that literally anything would have sent it on a rampage.

Squirrels don’t really have facial expressions, at least not ones that I can decipher, so I could not say for certain.


*aside from “last night, The Boxhound ate my damn samosa! Which was going to be my dinner!”

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