Working for/on the Weekend(s)

Yesterday, the ducklings made their first trip outside!

Here they are in the front garden, flocking together:

"ducklings in the garden"

Not much to say that isn’t evident from the photos, except that they really, really like arugula.

"duckling rocket"

Meanwhile, the CATIO is nearly complete!

"kitty playground"

My Fella made this out of IKEA, with some feline-friendly modifications — scratching post, climbing rope, chicken wire to protect them from the world and vice versa. It’s painted (my contribution) and secured to the side of the house with L-brackets (NOT my contribution, in fact, I’ve only just learned what L-brackets are). Now all it needs is…a door.

You know, so that the cats can get in and out. But this is a minor issue. This will be resolved. Because, as My Fella assures me, he’s “got a plan.”

And when said plan comes to fruition — probably with “a bit of engineering” — this little one, among others, will be very pleased:

"domino toes"

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One thought on “Working for/on the Weekend(s)

  1. Jenny O says:

    The Catio is so, so awesome. My cat is jealous, or she would be if she ever got online instead of howling.

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