Saturday Pictures

Today, we bottled the honey, about 2.5 lbs in total. (For those of you doing the math, there’s another half-full 1 lb. jar sitting on the counter, just out of view.*)

"bottled honey"

Considering that it was our first-ever extraction and that we used possibly the most time-consuming and least efficient method in existence (Seriously, pantyhose and a hairdryer? WTF were we thinking?), that’s not too shabby.

We acquired the jars from this supplier, in case you’re curious.** As for the lovely amber color (and honey color in general) that depends on the kinds of flowers the bees visit. Some old-school beekeepers can dip a finger in their honey, taste it, and then come out with an eerily detailed list of plants (e.g. tulip poplar, with hints of blackberry and a dash of apple…or whatever). However, we’re novices, so I’m just going to say “wildflower,” which is kind of a catch-all term and doesn’t mean a whole lot except “these bees gathered nectar from various sources.” Which they did, because they are bees. If pressed to be more precise, I’d say this is probably clover-based — because white clover grows absolutely everywhere for much of the year.

In other news, we introduced the ducklings to vegetation today — I went outside, picked a variety of greens (overwintered lettuce, clover, cabbage leaf, grass, miscellaneous plant matter), washed them off, chopped them up, and dunked them in the ducklings’ water. I’m finding that new foods meet with a more enthusiastic reception when they’ve been soaked first…probably because they’re baby ducks.

"ducklings eating their vegetables"

And, once they figured out that their salad was edible, they went into one of their feeding frenzies.

"duck brunch"

Meanwhile, the Boxhound enjoyed a leisurely sprawl in the grass…

"slender in the grass"

…as is her wont.

More happened, including a fun dinner-and-movie date, but it’s getting late and also, there are terrible low-budget SF movies on Netflix that need watching and mocking. So that post will have to be written tomorrow, perhaps.

*Our personal stash, if you like. We’ll probably end up making gifts of the four little jars we filled, because we don’t have that many at this point in time.
**We decided to splurge a bit on the cute glass jars, since we’re not a commercial operation and we both appreciate the aesthetic aspects of hobby beekeeping.
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