You Weren’t Planning On Doing Anything With The Rest of Your Life, Were You?

I thought not.

That’s why, if you have the technology, you can (and should) download THIS, made by these folks. With it, you can redraw yourself AND your friends. You can make them better than they were.* 

Here’s moi! Don’t I look fabulous?**

And here’s the Boxhound, just for fun.

All you have to do is use your phone to take a picture, then hit the smiley face icon***. Once it’s posted, random strangers may choose to redraw your photograph, just as you may choose to redraw theirs. All of it can be shared via the usual channels. Weirdly for an app of this ilk, neither I nor my privacy feel violated in any way.

Oh, and be sure to pull down on the screen to refresh: it’s animated, it’s brilliant, and it’s very much in keeping with the spirit of the enterprise.

My day has been made.

*Or you can make them resemble penises. So far, that appears to be an equally popular response.
**Well, except for the inevitable, ephemeral portraits in which I resemble an enormous, misshapen c*ck — which is why I’m very, very glad that someone is curating these galleries.
***I do wish I could utilize the iPhone’s two-way picture taking feature, for those occasions when I want to photograph someone who’s not me — say, for example, a kitty. But that’s really the only drawback.
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