Ok, I’m calling it. Yes, like some sort of seasonal referee…I’m officially declaring SPRING*!

Yesterday, I found these:

"brown eggs"

We don’t go into the chicken coop too often in the winter, mostly because the Ladies view it — perhaps rightly so — as a home invasion. And beyond ensuring that they’ve got enough food and water and that their bedding is clean, there’s not much reason to interfere with them. They don’t lay (much) during the winter, and ever since their numbers were tragically halved, they’ve been a bit skittish about…everything and everyone.

So we leave them to their own devices. This week, while left to their own devices, they laid 7 eggs between them.

*At least, in the Piedmont region of North Carolina.
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One thought on “Springtime!

  1. It is a wonderful time of the year when the ladies start laying again.

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