Running Low

Battery2 is not charging, though neither is it losing power — it looks to be stuck at 57%, so I guess that’s good? Or at least, not as bad as it could be?

And my own personal batteries? I’m just about at zero…I’ve concluded that it takes a couple of days off to realize exactly how exhausted one is. Plus, it’s hard seeing your mom drive away after a really nice visit. Well, for me, anyway — I do encounter a fair number of people who imply that they’d be fine NEVER spending time with their mothers. But I’ll miss her like crazy.

So I’m pretty low & down at the moment…I increasingly feel as though, in my life, I don’t really have friends or even allies — merely people to whom I have obligations to fulfill. And when I don’t or can’t? They stop caring about me…if, in fact, they ever did to begin with.

So there’s that. And this is gloomy. Perhaps a sleep will help. (I hope.)

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