I Got Sunburn, On A Cloudy Day

Computer Status: uncertain

cord + netbook – battery1 = :/

cord + netbook + battery1 = 😦

cord + netbook + battery2 = ?

So I’m running a battery test right now: My Fella managed to find a laptop battery via Amazon; I can’t purchase a brand new one, since the Dell Mini 9 is no longer officially a thing. Anyway, I know that I can run the machine when it’s plugged into the wall, but it seems that the old battery won’t charge — it just loses power until it’s dead. So I’m hoping this one will charge. If it doesn’t, then…I don’t really know. New cord? (If it keeps the netbook alive, then why can’t it support a battery?) New battery? (Too soon to tell?) New computer? (Cannot afford this.) Service obsolete machine? (No idea if this is possible).

Meanwhile, I have backed up everything on Dropbox.

Life Status: Pretty Good, All Things Considered

I’m on vacation, my Mom’s in town, and I’m getting to rest and relax, properly, for the the first time since Xmas.

It’s very nice: sleeping in; reading; napping; going to coffee shops during peak flanneurization hours; gardening — I planted a whole bed of strawberries! In the rain! And still managed to get sunburned! (Pictures forthcoming) — and doing a general tidying up of the porch & yard. Or as Mom puts it, “working on curb appeal.”

Also, have settled my debt with Mirrorman. Lessons learned:

1. It would appear that I am an essentially honest person. I didn’t necessarily think I wasn’t, but then again, I’m not often tested on it. But it didn’t really occur to me to flee the scene of the crime, despite a total lack of witnesses. That would have been $#!++y of me.

2. When it comes to the spectrum of Driving Idiocy, I slot in at AWESOME…because it could have been a lot worse. It is the opinion of all parties involved that clipping the mirror while causing no other damage is kind of incredible. I’m like one of those tiny meteorites that manages to do surprisingly little damage, despite infinite potential for chaos and destruction.

3. In the event of a jousting match between a 1993 Honda Civic and an 2009 Honda Civic, put your money on the former vehicle — the mirrors, while mechanical, have the advantage of bending in both directions. Which is why the Eggplant remains unscathed.

4. It would also appear that I am essentially a compassionate person, because I could have easily driven over that f*cking rat with a tail perm squirrel, but I didn’t.

In retrospect, maybe I should have: sparing its life cost me $240, and I probably will need a new computer soon. Which isn’t to say that if I had it all to do over again, I’d have done things differently.

Mostly, I’ve just started thinking about the obligations of a $240 Squirrel: like, it had better learn some tricks, like spelling out polysyllabic words with nuts or performing Cirque du Soleil-type stunts off telephone wires. Essentially, it now needs to win the squirrel equivalent of the Nobel Prize, or I am going to be pissed off.

So, yeah, $240 Squirrel: Do NOT waste your life!

2 thoughts on “I Got Sunburn, On A Cloudy Day

  1. Well, you know you are now responsible for that squirrel’s life now that you saved it. And, ok I’ll be the stupid one: flanneurization ?

  2. A friend of mine once used the word “flâneur” to describe herself while on vacation — basically, reveling in her idleness as she poked around the city, exploring bookstores and coffee shops, etc. And I thought it was a really great word/concept, so I borrowed and tweaked it. Tho’ now that I think about it, shouldn’t it probably be spelled “flaneurization” or maybe “flâneurization”?…Fortunately, it’s a made-up word, so it probably doesn’t matter.

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