Incoming, Outgoing

So far, the Fortune Cookie Gods have proven themselves to be fickle in the extreme: thanks to a poorly placed squirrel, which couldn’t decide if it wanted to sit in the middle of the street and be flattened or dodge oncoming traffic, I swerved and clipped the side mirror on a parked car…to the tune of $243, including parts and labor.

I guess there’s something to be said for getting to know your neighbors, if not saving the lives of careless vermin. I left an apologetic note with my contact information and have since talked to Mirror Man* (who appreciates my “fessing up” when I totally could have sped away, for there were no witnesses) and we’ve come to a civilized agreement. Still, I suspect there are more inexpensive ways to make new friends.

*You should see the contacts in my phone. Almost NO ONE is listed by their real name, but rather by some idiosyncrasy I’ve turned into an even more idiosyncratic mnemonic device (HyperCube, Speed Razor), their occupation (Doctor, Potential Craigslist Killer – Lamp) or else by their relationship to me (Mom, Siblings 1-4, etc.). Hey, when everyone in your generation is named Sarah/Kate/Elizabeth or Michael/Matthew/Jason, you have to get creative. You also have to get creative when you don’t want to send naughty text messages to your boss by accident, just because of the pitfalls of the alphabet.
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