An Oasis in the Food Desert


"golden pizza and subs"

If you can’t read the sign, it says:



— M.F.C. Halal —


Supermarket – Meat & Chicken – Bakery

This place used to be a Mexican restaurant, judging by the sign (not pictured). However, it’s been empty since…well, long before we moved into the neighborhood. Although the occasional “FOR RENT” sign would pop up, followed by a scattering of people showing up to inspect the property, nothing ever came of it. Until now.

We’ve spent the past several months placing bets on what might move into the space, and — because we have so much faith in our neighborhood — we’d narrowed it down to a.) a bail bond place, b.) a check-cashing business, or c.) a Murder Mart-style convenience store selling nothing but prepaid phone cards, scratch-off lottery tickets, and sketchy herbal “aphrodisiacs.”

However, we also concluded that if the establishment — whatever it may be — brews even a passably drinkable cup of coffee, we’d be satisfied.

So imagine our delight when we saw this sign and realized that we would be able to walk down the street and purchase actual groceries — like bread and goat meat. Also, maybe pick up a cheesesteak. If this business delivers even half of what it promises, our wildest dreams will have been exceeded by a wide margin.

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One thought on “An Oasis in the Food Desert

  1. Fella says:

    “Honey, will you run across the street and grab some ground goat, and a hot Italian with peppers and onions?”


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