Go Ahead, But My Day is Already Made

Ed Pegg: Math Puzzler may be my new favorite Amazon reviewer, at least when it comes to Cheryl Brooks’ Cat Star Chronicles. Here is his ode to volume 7 in the popular futuristic romance series.

Do check him out. He reviews everything from terrycloth bathrobes (“this is *very* comfortable, but a bit lightweight”) to board games to mathematics textbooks (“The author spends 90 pages pussyfooting around with the axioms of Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory.”) People are going to read this and assume I’m taking the piss, but I’m dead serious. I mean, really, how could you NOT appreciate someone who states that he “was an early adopter of LED Bulbs, with about 50 different types in [his] collection”; who grudgingly admits that from a technical standpoint, modern binoculars are superior to 18th-century-style pirate spyglasses¬† (even though the latter look cooler), and who thoroughly enjoys being a multi-trillionaire — at least by Zimbabwean standards.

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