Piñata Is Good Enough For Me

Some of you may remember this colorful, crepe-festooned, papier-mâché donkey, albeit in its original, un-decapitated form:

"Bring Me The Head..."

And now, thanks to a cheap slab of wood (obtained at a local craft store), a dowel, a small tin of wood stain, a spray can of polyurethane, a little brass plaque*, and My Fella’s single-minded determination to turn it all into a wall mount worthy of a moose, painting and sanding it to a fine finish, we have what amounts to our very own coat of arms.

Here’s a side view:

"heraldry, Durham-style"

And now it’s mounted on our wall.


*Believe it or not, it just happened to be lying around. It’s even engraved. Lord knows why.
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