(Some of) My Favorite Tumblrs

There is probably a Tumblr for everything*. Whether there should be is another question entirely, but I’ll leave that to others to debate. Meanwhile, here some of the ones that make my life worth living:

1.) How Many People Are In Space Right Now

The pros: How Many! People! Are IN SPACE! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

The cons: the number doesn’t change that often, given the end of the shuttle program coupled with a dearth of places to put people once you actually get them to space (= currently, low earth orbit, aka “barely space”); also, Major Tom is probably not included in the count.

2.) Bring Me Some Boys

The pros: ALL OF IT!

The cons: NONE OF IT!

Backstory: So back when I was a teenage hellion, sassing her teachers and getting in fights and being-a-stroppy-cow-in-general, all whilst sitting on a sled perched at the top of the slippery slope that leads straight to juvie followed, inevitably, by the fires of hell, my mother — a good mother who (like all good mothers) was under the delusion that her fugly, foul-mouthed daughter might be offered the opportunity to engage in premarital sex (= pregnancy = death) with a boy — and packed me off to convent school, an enlightening experience.

As I follow this absolutely accurate chronicle of single-sex secondary education, I realize that I’m not entirely convinced that my 15-year-old self didn’t travel forward in time, learn how to use the Internet, and proceed to broadcast the truth about girls’ boarding schools.

3.) Hidden Bookcase Doors

The pros: WANT!

The cons: Can’t have.

4.) It’s Like “Peace” With An “S”

The pros: This site, courtesy of My Clone, reminds me a bit of what Facebook used to be like: a fun, no-pressure environment conducive to posting completely random $#!+, to be seen by the 4 other people at your school who also had profiles. Minus the poking, that is.

The cons: Makes me really, really miss My Clone. Who is far, far away. Whom, someday, I shall STEAL.

*I’m personally waiting for Items that Smell, For No Good Reason, like Semen and ALA Posters of the Damned, among others.

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