I got to participate in art this past weekend, courtesy of Stacey Kirby, whose VALIDnation project was…performed? on display? interacted? (How does one describe interactive performance art pieces…oh wait, that’s how) at the Carrack.

I approached the civil validation officer at her typewriter. She handed me a form to fill out and I entered one of the voting booths lined up on the sidewalk. Once inside, I thought about how to describe my lifestyle/family situation. My answer was sort of rambling and, though heartfelt, not in the least clever, so I won’t try and recall what I wrote…but my fella decided that his was just “AWESOME!” (I cannot argue with this.)

"VALIDnation Project"

The fine print: “Civil Validation Receipt No. __
You are a valid part of your community. You deserve to be honored as such by having equal rights to choose a federally recognized civil union, domestic partnership and/or marriage
___________           __________
Officer                    Date

Here are the results: I am valid, my fella is valid, WE ARE ALL VALID — even douche-y cyclists who cuss/throw things/belch or people who say stuff like “that isn’t art,” as if all the cuts to arts education and increased emphasis on standardized testing in schools have given them any basis whatsoever on which to make that decision.

Also, I got a sticker…and I wish I could say the same for my actual polling place, which did not give me an “I voted” sticker. (Actually, they were being sticklers about the stickers. A little kid asked for one and the poll worker gave the child quite a stern and lengthy lecture, explaining that she could only have a “future voter” sticker, because she was underage. You know, because polling places are like crappy sports bars and stickers are like jägerbombs.)

The receipt/confirmation ticket I received also included a reminder: VOTE FOR U.S. PRESIDENT – NOVEMBER 6, 2012.

I have done this thing. You should do this thing. Hopefully, my vote — and yours — will help support civil rights for all.

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