This Might Be Our Next Car

I have never paid more than $750 for any vehicle, which — for all you financial wizards keeping track at home — is exactly 50% of a used ’93 Honda Civic (color: aubergine, previous owner: my fella’s sister-in-law).

My personal philosophy is that you should never pay more for your car than you should for your coffin, given that they’re basically the same thing. Except, of course, that most coffins lack wheels and probably get better gas mileage.

However, that philosophy has evolved somewhat over time — ever since I learned about Ikea Hackers, in fact. I’m starting to think I overpaid. By the way, if that store doesn’t already stock a product called Kyurvinn or Korpsbokks…well, they should. I’d buy that. And make an autom(b)obile out of it.

Meanwhile, should anything untoward ever happen to the Flying Eggplant, this is Plan B:


Oh, and check out that tramp stamp!


Who wouldn’t want this? (Actually, I’m kind of hoping nobody does: right now, the sticker price is about $5K and I reckon it’s going to take 2-3 years to bargain them down to under two grand in cash.)

For I am not, at the moment, “Money Sick.” I don’t anticipate ever being “Money Sick.” But it’s fun to think about.

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